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As the majority of French-speaking countries are extremely affluent, including French SEO in your internet marketing strategy can provide your company with a lucrative target market. The talented staff at Lucid Translations has experience in search engine optimization as well as translations, providing the perfect combination of skills to facilitate your internet marketing in French. We will provide your company with the tools you need to achieve success, including: a review of your site as well as that of your competition, keyword and phrase research in English and French, website translations, and copywriting.

Stepping into the global marketplace is not easy and can often lead to some drastic mistakes for those unfamiliar with internet marketing in French. Let us help ease the way by providing the experience and professionalism that you are looking for. With French SEO, you will have the key that opens the door to your success in the highly competitive European marketplace!

Whether you have a French restaurant or are targeting a new market, call Lucid Translations to expand your reach! Contact us at 516.581.8620 or contact us for a free site assessment.

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