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Foreign Language SEO

The current economic climate has made the internet essential for many companies. With foreign language internet marketing, your company will have a strong advantage over your competitors by allowing you to reach additional markets! With foreign language SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can expand your company's reach in the United States and all over the world!

Foreign Language SEO includes a variety of components that can give your company its competitive edge. Modifications are made to your website for the express purpose of increasing its visibility among the search engines. Such modifications may include:
  • Keyword research in English as well as other foreign languages such as Spanish, Italian and French.
  • Reviewing the competition to see what features they are incorporating in their websites to reach your common target market.
  • A site review is done to ensure that your site is 'conversion-friendly,' meaning that it is easy for customers to navigate, order from, or contact you, which could generate possible sales/leads for your company.
  • Copywriting in English as well as other foreign languages. Three of the most lucrative languages include Spanish, Italian and French.
  • Implementation of any changes to existing copy that may be necessary.
Let Lucid Translations handle all your foreign language internet marketing needs, placing you a step ahead of your competition! Call us at 516.581.8620 or contact us for a custom price quote.
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