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At Lucid Translations, we offer you the highest quality products and services - with industry-proven results. Our team of writers, translators and internet marketing specialists will revamp or reinvent your website so that search engines find you faster, clients keep coming back, and new leads are generated with unprecedented results!

Contact us now and you will receive a FREE ANALYSIS of your corporate website. (A $500 VALUE)

How amenable is your current site structure to making changes to improve its visibility on search engines? How are the 'call to action' statements on the site? Do they drive people to convert (order a product, fill out a lead request form, etc.)? Let our experts evaluate your website for FREE!

Lucid Translations offers additional services that include language classes, translations in over 22 languages and voice-overs for your radio advertisements or presentation packages. In this burgeoning field, Lucid Translations has the search engine specialists, internet marketers and translators that can reposition your website to make it more visible, generating more business.

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To submit a translation by mail within the 50 U.S. States and Canada, contact our New York offices:

Lucid Translations, Ltd.
29 Myrtle Lane
Coram, NY 11727

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