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Internet Marketing Services

Lucid Translations offers comprehensive website translation and internet marketing services that will transform your website and position your company at the forefront of the global marketplace. Our highly skilled search engine optimization team can help you to transform your website from a state of invisibility to one of optimal visibility. Our internet marketing services include a variety of promotional tools, including paid advertising campaigns on all the major search engines. Our SEO team can help you drive better and higher quality traffic to your website and increase your sales/leads. We even provide solutions that will help users navigate your site more efficiently.

Today's economic climate has made competition intense! Increase your website's reach into the global marketplace with internet marketing services such as search engine optimization, website copywriting, pay-per-click advertising, and multi-language options.

Foreign Language SEO

Lucid Translations uses only human translators - real people - not computer-managed translation programs which are less than 50% accurate. Our staff is always committed to addressing the specific needs of our clients. Each custom website translation receives our seal of approval only after being checked and double-checked, to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality finished product! Let Lucid Translations help your company reach your target market with our multi-language format and language-specific search engine optimization.

Spanish SEO

As the second largest "European" language after English on the web, reaching the Spanish-speaking market in the United States as well as Latin America and Spain has become a key component for the success of many companies. Is your website up to the task? Lucid Translations can not only do your Spanish website translation, but also provide the Spanish search engine optimization services to tap this expanding target market!

Italian SEO

Reach out to an internationally diverse market by expanding your company into the Italian market. With Italian search engine optimization, your company can reach customers in Europe, Latin America and in the United States. Italian internet users make up a high percentage of the online European market and internet use is expanding rapidly, having grown 120% in just the last five years! Give your company the special edge to succeed!

French SEO

Expand your company's target market to include one of the most lucrative but underserved markets on the internet today. Making your website accessible to French speaking clients will give you an edge over your competition. With keyword research in French, Lucid Translations can not only translate your website but provide the language-specific search engine optimization that you need to reach this virtually untapped market.

Parlez vous franšais? Your website should, if you're a restaurant owner. French, Italian and Spanish cuisine are the most sought-after these days, with everyone seeking to perfect their Mediterranean diet. Optimize your website with the appropriate cuisine-related keywords and no matter which language your clientele search in, they're sure to find your website highly palatable.

Website Copywriting Services

Having a website does not guarantee that you will be seen by your target market. Let Lucid Translations handle your website copywriting needs, creating keyword enriched text that will push your website to the top of the list!

Website Translation Services

With extremely talented translators working in over 22 different foreign languages, the team at Lucid Translations can provide the website translation services you need to reach the global market!

Open the door to the global marketplace and follow the path to success! Call us at 516.581.8620 or contact us for a custom price quote.
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