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Document Translation

At Lucid Translations, we take pride in our ability to handle all your translation needs, whether you need medical, technical or document translations. Our skilled staff understands that when translating technical or medical documents, using industry-specific jargon is fundamental to the integrity of the translation.

We offer a variety of translation services:
  • Academic Translations Document translations of an academic nature may include foreign transcripts, essays, critical articles, novels, short stories, and non-technical papers.
  • Business Document Translations These documents usually include product descriptions, manuals, advertising flyers and other materials.
  • Correspondence Translations Whether business or personal, correspondence includes office emails, letters to friends and family or any other communication of a brief nature that requires informal language.
  • Medical Translations When translating medical documents, medical terminology is translated in pharmaceutical product descriptions, medical handbooks and any literature pertaining to the medical profession.
  • Technical Translations These include documents that pertain to the mathematical, scientific and computer science fields as well as land surveys, websites, and translations involving CD-Rom equipment or special computer programs.
For more information on the various types of document translations or to submit a document for translation, contact us today .
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