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Establishing a blogging presence on the internet keeps your company and your product on people’s minds. Blogging about current issues, products, or events shows the web world that you are up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry and paying attention to what your consumers like/dislike. Message board posts to websites with relevant content containing comments on industry news articles, information about new items that are becoming popular, and more, serve to draw attention to you and your site.

What we do

Our blogging services are all inclusive, providing you with extensive visibility without the time-consuming task involved in multiple blogging efforts. We will make a number of blog posts each month, depending on content availability. Our blog posting strategy consists of searching out relevant sites featuring a blog or article to which individuals can post. We will provide you a list of our researched sites, and ask for additional suggestions or removal of any undesired blog sites. Once the list is finalized, each month, we will make the number of posts agreed upon in the initial contract. You have the option of reviewing the content of the posts before we post them, or simply allowing us carte blanche to post as we deem appropriate.

For more information on how Lucid Translations can help promote your company through blogging, contact us today.

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