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Local Search Optimization

The secret to success for a number of businesses on the internet today is going as local as possible. Whether you are a small, family owned establishment, or a part of a larger corporation, your website and company information must show up whenever a web search is conducted for the products or services you sell.

At Lucid Translations, we know how to increase the popularity of your website with local search optimization—and with it, increase your business. When we optimize for local searches and place your site and business on hyper local sites such as Google Local/Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local, we ensure that you ALWAYS appear as a local option whenever anyone enters your keywords in a web search.

While finding placement on hyper local sites is the first step of local search optimization, it is far from the end of our efforts. We can increase our search engine optimization (SEO) efforts as well as our pay per click (PPC) work on your site to further increase your business' visibility. Our local search optimization efforts can allow a website to get as many as three listings on the first page of Google for individual keyword searches. That’s particularly important because people often include towns, cities or states in keyword search phrases and we want to make sure, after we optimize for local searches, that these users find your site on the first try.

No matter what kind of business you operate, our local search optimization will connect you with the local shoppers who keep you thriving! To learn more about Lucid Translations and our local search optimization or other website optimization services, contact us today!

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