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Contests/Promotions/Special Events

Through the use of contests, promotions, or special events, you can reach new target markets while also holding the interest of current clients or customers. Are you launching a new product? Then why not have a contest in which people can compete to name the product and win a prize? Giveaways, photo contests, and a variety of prize-winning opportunities are among the best ways to achieve free publicity via word of mouth.

By providing us with specific information regarding any upcoming events you may be sponsoring or involved in – anything from contests, to product launches, to trade fairs and conferences - we can help you promote your business. With just a small amount of informational input from you, such as the event name, start and end date, plus eligibility requirements, rules, or special features to highlight, we can prepare a web form for interested parties to fill out and submit to you, or a page describing the event with a “contact us” button through which people can contact you directly for more information. Or, if you prefer, we can write a press release and syndicate it to all the relevant outlets, or even publicize your event through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media forums.

For more information on how we can help you reach your target audience through contests, promotions, or special event announcements, contact us today.

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