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Foreign Language Classes on Long Island

Lucid Translations has an experienced and skilled staff that provides a variety of foreign language classes on Long Island with options that are sure to meet your needs. Whether you are learning a new language for fun, work, or to go on vacation, our professional staff will give you the tools you need to become proficient in the language you choose.

Does your business’ success depend on expansion into the global marketplace? Today’s economic climate has made competition intense! Increase your company’s reach by having a multilingual staff to handle all of your clients’ needs. With our convenient foreign language classes on Long Island, your employees can learn to communicate in the language of your target market without having to pay the high cost of university tuition or having to travel far from work or home. We can even provide on-site language classes hosted at your company. Our flexibility and extensive experience in linguistics, business, and pedagogy make Lucid Translations the obvious choice for new language acquisition.

Private Foreign Language Classes on Long Island

Do you want to learn a new language in order to get a promotion or a new job? With the current economic climate and incredible competition for good jobs, having the advantage of speaking more than one language can give you the edge you need to get the job you want. Stay a step ahead of the competition with our foreign language classes on Long Island and don’t worry about having to travel long distances in rush hour traffic. Come to our conveniently located Sayville offices or, better still, we’ll come to you at your convenience.

Are you going on vacation and want to brush up on your language skills? Lucid Translations offers a variety of classes, both group and private, to meet your needs. With classes in Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian, we can give you confidence in your language skills so that you can just relax and enjoy your vacation abroad.

Our professional staff provides private or group sessions that will allow you to learn at the pace that works best for you. We offer classes during the weekday or at nights. Call us so we can design a class schedule that works with your hectic schedule so you can open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

For more information about our foreign language classes on Long Island, contact us.
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