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Facebook began as a way for college students to stay in touch with each other and morphed into the world’s biggest high school reunion. But Facebook is such a way of life now—as of July 2010, there were 500 million users of the social media networking site—that the company without a Facebook page runs the risk of becoming as irrelevant as a company that didn’t have a website 10 years ago.

Much like Twitter, people spend so much time on Facebook that it is becoming a default search engine: Facebook received more traffic for the week ending March 13, 2010 than Google.

What we do

There is no better way to promote your business or product and ensure the widest possible audience than by starting a Facebook page. Upon creating a page, we will do the following:

—Upload a company logo or photo. This will generate an immediate and positive reaction from visitors and make it a far more personable experience than if you just had the default silhouette.

—Post company photos or videos. We can’t stress this enough: Facebook is a visceral experience for people. There are 2.5 billion photos posted on Facebook—per month. People want to see you, not just read about you. So whether you have portrait photos of employees, photos of employees “in action,” videos of employees delivering speeches or merely photos of employees in a social setting, send them to us so we can post them.

—Write a company description. Who you are and what you do in a couple of sentences. We’ll also encourage visitors to make a further connection with you by listing your website and/or Twitter address.

—Begin spreading the word by encouraging people to “like” your page. We’ll do this by adding a “Like box” to your website, which allows people to click “like” without even visiting Facebook. But everyone who likes your page will get your status updates and wall posts delivered straight to their news feed. The more people who like your page, the bigger your audience becomes!

—Post links to your Wall. Whether they are press releases from your company or news articles relating to your business or product, steady activity on your Wall is a vital way of remaining visible to your friends and fans.

—Generate discussion by starting topics on your discussion board. Now that Facebook is the true one-stop destination for web users, no longer do you have to go to a specific message board to talk about your passions. Stoking the fires and getting some lively debate going will bring more traffic to your Facebook page—because users will be eager to see the latest discussion—and, in turn, your website.

—Post any upcoming events for your business or product—meetings, lectures, public appearances, contests, important dates on which you are unveiling something. These will appear in the upper right hand corner of your friends’ pages, every single day until the event takes place.

—Design ads that will target users whose “likes” are compatible with your business or product. This additional fee-based service is like advertising with a search engine, except far cheaper and just as effective. We will research and create the ad and present to you this incredibly valuable geo-targeted demographic information that is documented by Facebook. You will be surprised—pleasantly so—to know just how big your potential target audience is out there!

For more information on how Lucid Translations can promote your company with the help of Facebook, contact us today.

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